WHOOP Unite + The Mx Group

Trail: Buyer-Focused Content

The Route:

The marketing team at WHOOP Unite partnered with The Mx Group in the fall of 2021 to introduce WHOOP Unite as an innovative and impactful solution for organizations.

The companies created a holistic B2B customer experience strategy that targeted the complex buying groups in the four key verticals WHOOP Unite supports: D1 athletics, business, healthcare and public service.

The Mx Group became an active force in the B2B brand launch to help WHOOP Unite create its B2B website with personalized experiences for buying groups in different verticals, the demand infrastructure and roadmap, automated prospect nurture journeys, educational and lead generating content and presence at industry events. The Mx Group developed a variety of assets that addressed each buying group’s pain points and obstacles. It also helped WHOOP have a dynamic presence at the Society for Human Resources Management conference for industry leaders, and nurtured each relationship created at the event with a robust nurture journey campaign using digital and paid social campaigns, gated content, lead captures and a personalized email journey that identified the problem, explored solutions and provided proof points.

The Peak:

The website launched in June of 2022 and created:

  • 12,830 site visits in the first 15 days, for an average of 600 site visits per day
  • More engagement and traction with the core digital assets
  • A lift in new leads and acceleration of in-progress sales conversations.
  • 113 leads captured in the first 15 days
  • 179 form submissions via the website through July 8, 2022