Trail: Interactive Content

The Route:

Vonage produces an annual Global Customer Engagement Report (GCER), and in 2022, the company decided to completely overhaul and modernize the report. Once the company identified the universal frustrations of its target audience, it realized all the problems were solvable by artificial Intelligence (AI). The company pushed the needle with its brand voice and created an interactive landing page gate to the report (with only three form fields) and a quiz on AI that gave away an ungated excerpt of the report. The company put the entire experience into a microsite, giving users options to check out the infographics on the landing page, the quiz and a preview of the report in one place. The company restructured the campaign’s nurture through a unique email marketing nurture and mobilized its team with related press releases and media outreach.

The Peak:

The campaign has an average view time of two minutes and two seconds, and the report had a 24% increase in engagement. The organic form conversion rate saw 10% of visitors filling out the gate, and the email campaign was just as successful: Of the people who downloaded and were sent a nurture, 51% opened the first email, and the CTOR was 50%. As of Jan. 5, 2023, the press release distribution and media outreach resulted in 17 original articles, securing 96,178,000 impressions; 381 press release pickups, securing more than 227,400,000 impressions; and 1,839 press release click-throughs. The original announcement has also resulted in 24 Twitter mentions, garnering 224,000 social media impressions. In total, the announcement secured over 323,800,000 media impressions.