Trail: Audio Content

The Route:

Vendasta launched the “Conquer Local Podcast,” which started with the podcast launch in 2018 and evolved into a marquee in-person conference and an E-learning academy, as well as a community forum and virtual events. The podcast is hosted by Vendasta’s COO, George Leith, who has 30 years of experience in the sales industry. The podcast features industry experts who provide insights into how professionals can better sell digital products and services. It is the only podcast specifically focused on selling digital to local small and medium businesses. The podcast features guests with experience in digital products, marketing, business, sales and software.

The Peak:

The podcast is in its fourth season and is ranked among the Top 10 business podcasts on iTunes. It is heard in 50 countries by more than 20,000 unique listeners every month. The podcast is a catalyst for building relationships with potential platform partners and provides existing partners with strategic and actionable tactics. Vendasta has built brand authority, gained advocates and opened the door to many enterprise-level channel partnerships.