Trail: Video Content

The Route:

Uptempo created a five-video series focused on Beth, a fictional CMO with a dysfunctional marketing team. She’d scramble to find all the right spreadsheets before board meetings and campaign meetings often went sideways when it turned out that everyone is working off different versions of the plan. Beth’s marketing team needed a little more budget to hit their targets… until the CFO told her that she’s actually underspending for the quarter. Despite the dollars, focus and process improvements she’s poured into marketing activation over the years, Beth still can’t align the planning process with the outcomes themselves. She desperately needs one view of her marketing operations, and the video series outlines how she solves those common problems.

The Peak:

With brand awareness as the primary goal, Uptempo focused on impressions and website traffic. Over the 10 weeks it promoted the series, the impressions on social channels doubled from 18,601 to 37,475. The company also doubled the number of visitors to its website from paid ads in the same time period.