The Channel Agency — Purechannels

Trail: Channel/Partner Marketing

The Route:

Carahsoft, a provider of government IT solutions, found that three of its partners in the U.S. federal space needed help generating leads, but the expectations were high: The partners expected to generate up to 100 leads each. Carahsoft partnered with The Channel Agency — Purechannels to help drum up interest in their partners’ solutions. Purechannels conducted individual discovery sessions with the vendor partners to gain a complete understanding of their target audiences.

Following those calls, they developed three audience profiles that highlighted crucial information, such as pain points, objections and job seniority. The profiles provided a strong foundation to build the content, ensuring it would engage the target audience and generate the desired results. Purechannels helped Carahsoft create a white paper and snippet description to pique interest, a case study/webinar landing page copy and two emails, two landing pages and six banners to promote the assets.

The Peak:

All content was completed in three weeks, and every campaign then ran for a month with the challenge of generating 100 leads per vendor partner. Granicus generated 101 unique leads and 89 unique companies; VMWare Tanzu saw 100 unique leads and 68 unique companies; and Zscaler received 100 unique leads and 69 unique companies.

As a result, Carahsoft created sales opportunities across the board for all three vendor partners with a cost per lead of just $300.