Trail: Nurture Campaign

The Route:

A prevalent theme began bubbling up across RollWorks’ customers and prospects who were at the beginning of their ABM journey. This audience struggled to get started with ABM, while simultaneously exhibiting a thirst for relevant, real, actionable recommendations on the multichannel ABM programs they could run to generate quick results (and prove out more comprehensive ABM investments).

The ABM Play Campaign was born as a multichannel program designed to deliver a series of account-based marketing plays that anyone — even experienced ABMers — could use to kickstart or mature their ABM programs. It is one of the best nurture campaigns the RollWorks team has ever created, and it came to life via two distinct properties: The ABM Play of the Day and the ABM Play Generator. The program kicked off with a subscription-based email campaign, fueled by four (1X per week for one month) promotions per partner to target audiences and one email/play delivered to the recipient’s inbox per business day for one month.

The Peak:

The ABM Play of the Day series provides relevant, actionable, proven ABM plays that businesses of any size or maturity can use to achieve measurable impact to marketing and sales KPIs. It also served as a venue for us to uplevel RollWorks’ own “thought leadership” by differentiating its recommendations as real, proven and actionable. This campaign enabled the team to accelerate sales opportunities by triggering video demos of RollWorks related to play realization to facilitate product interest and opportunity for those accounts who were making a real “investment” in ABM programs.

Once RollWorks saw the success of this initial phase, the company launched the ABM Play Generator microsite, which lives as an always-on engagement channel that allows it to discover more ready-to-buy audiences and open its brand to those actively in market for an ABM solution. Ungated content brought users in, and a form fill for those who were interested in going deeper were subsequently segmented into stage-based nurture streams.