Trail: Channel/Partner Marketing

The Route:

Paycor created Perspectives+, a campaign created to grow and support underserved audiences in its partner channel. Perspectives+ featured an in-depth initiative to help illustrate the importance and benefits of a more diverse and inclusive workforce, while also providing the resources needed to put change into action. Prior to the launch of Perspectives+, the company created a series of assets, including:

  • A microsite that would house the initiative with regularly updated resources
  • A monthly newsletter that would serve as a digest of the most recent assets created with a linkback to the entire library
  • Monthly impactful articles based on data or research within the DE&I landscape
  • A webinar to provide learnings and actionable tips to enacting change
  • An actionable template, checklist or worksheet that a partner or their client could use to apply the learnings to their organization

The Peak:

At launch, Paycor had eight assets for partners to utilize and proceeded to add three to four assets a month over the next eight months to support the program. The company sent 900 direct mailers to key partners, which generated more than 500 sales opportunities. Through the email campaigns, the company saw:

  • 22% open rates
  • 4.3% click rates
  • 20% click-to-top rates