Trail: Video Content

The Route:

In early 2022, Paddle raised a Series D funding round and was in the process of acquiring ProfitWell for $200 million. Its target customers are SaaS founders and finance execs, so it jumped on the opportunity to bring its customers behind the scenes of a tech acquisition — an aspiration of most SaaS founders. The company worked with award-winning documentary film maker Pip Piper to film video diaries, negotiations, announcements and celebrations, without really knowing if it would either close the acquisition successfully or whether there would ever be a story worth telling. The acquisition closed and the teams quickly cut the documentary — “We Sign Tomorrow?” — and launched the trailer as Paddle announced the deal to the market. The company followed up with screenings in multiple cities, and several extra video edits focusing on Product Strategy, People & Culture, Marketing and other specific topics.

The Peak:

The campaign videos have been watched more than 30K times. The documentary has been screened to target audiences in London, Barcelona (at SaaStr Europa) and Boston. The company regularly receives emails, WhatsApp messages and social posts when people come across it. The documentary has also been referenced in at least 50 sales calls (mostly by the prospects themselves).