Trail: Account-Based Marketing Campaign

The Route:

Mutiny’s ABM music video campaign took personalized outreach to a whole other level. First, 30 accounts were identified for the campaign based on their company size, industry and technology stack. Next, Mutiny partnered with a freestyle rapper known as “Sales Rapper” to write custom raps and create music videos for each account. What made each of these rap videos so engaging was that key contacts at the account and their pain points were mentioned by name in the song. These music videos were then sent to the contacts directly. In the follow up, prospects were brought to a landing page powered by Mutiny that summarized all the key benefits and showed the power of personalized outbound first-hand. Prospects could book a meeting directly with their account representative right from the page.

The Peak:

Mutiny saw a 72% conversion to meeting booked with sales and more 50,000 impressions of music videos on LinkedIn.