Manheim Express + The Mx Group

Trail: Packaged/Bundled Content

The Route:

In partnership with Manheim Express, The Mx Group crafted and organized an elaborate campaign that stretched across the U.S. Using a custom-wrapped Dodge Viper displaying Manheim Express branding, The Mx Group helped put Manheim’s Concierge Service on full display via social media with its cross-country Viper Voyage. The Mx Group collaborated with Manheim to devise an event strategy that would gather and share dealer testimonials on Manheim Express products and services.

The campaign started in the Fall of 2021 using the California market as the pilot program. Over a two-week period, The Mx Group plotted eight stops in California, from San Diego to Bakersfield. The strategy required providing Manheim with the recommended numbers for success criteria and its Client Services team acted as an extension of Manheim by writing scripts, speaking with dealers in those locations, creating a map of locations with ideal travel routes and generating buzz on social media. Manheim further incentivized the roadshow by adding a charitable component to the campaign.

The Peak:

The Viper Voyage was extended to four more geographic regions — Texas, Florida, the Midwest and the Northeast — for a total of 27 locations across the U.S. Out of the three social-focused channel campaigns, the Viper Voyage had the highest impressions and likes. By the end of the voyage, there were 43 testimonials and a final auction of the Viper with full proceeds going to charity. Finally, the Voyage was able to generate more $115,000 for the three partnering charities.