Trail: Buyer-Focused Content

The Route:

In February 2022, Keyfactor launched a campaign called “#PKIProblems.” Public key infrastructure (PKI) is an important yet complex technology and is required to secure businesses. The company explored Reddit to find real examples of common problems PKI creates when it isn’t managed properly and found the raw, unfiltered truth. Keyfactor knew it would resonate with its buyers, because it came right from their lips (or keyboards). The company then partnered with a comic artist to turn its findings into a compelling story about the seven most common “#PKIProblems” with creative narratives.

Following the initial release of the comic, Keyfactor rolled out a webinar where the comic artist joined and live sketched as the company discussed the PKI problems outlined in the comic. Finally, Keyfactor created hard copies, which were given out at trade shows and folded into direct mail campaigns and hosted a live webinar and a webinar replay on a later date based on the E-book with live sketches by the comic artist himself.

The Peak:

The online flipbook received 1,024 impressions, 822 views, 400 downloads and an average view time of nine minutes, all within the first six months. The company also handed out more than 500 copies at tradeshows alongside T-shirts that included graphics and quotes from the comic book, while the webinar collectively had 225 registrants and 159 live viewers.