Trail: Nurture Campaign

The Route:

The pandemic and post-pandemic environment put a spotlight on the future of the office and what the return to office looks like. JLL’s campaign’s purpose was to answer key questions, provide practical advice and educate on solutions that prove JLL is best positioned to help current clients and prospects. The campaign featured high-value gated content, SEO-optimized ungated content, a digital landing page optimized for organic search, a bi-weekly email, virtual events, proactive PR (where possible), sponsored content/promotion in industry publications, organic and paid social and paid search.

The Peak:

The campaign saw:

  • 181 net-new contacts acquired
  • 139 AQLs
  • 18 MQLs
  • 16 SALs
  • 13 SQLs

Additionally, 73% of unique visitors scrolled over 50% of the page on long-form content. Twelve emails were sent as part of phase-one of the campaign. JLL saw an average open rate of 28.5%, average CTR of 5.03% and average CTOR of 16.94%. Organic social saw a LinkedIn engagement rate of 2.83% and the virtual event engagement rate was 39.54% during event.