Esquire Financial Holdings, Inc. + Park & Battery

Trail: Account-Based Marketing Campaign

The Route:

The first step for the Esquire Bank’s ABM campaign was creating a customer-centric technology stack, with Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud at the core. In partnership with Park & Battery, the team began to develop content to fulfill every customer persona, at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Esquire’s go-to-market strategy takes the ideal customer profile at the persona level and combines segmentation variables available from data vendors, such as ZoomInfo, and marries these characteristics with the stage of the customer lifecycle. The team then uses the Salesforce Marketing Cloud email journeys to hyper-target based on these profiles to engage prospects with content that is cognizant of their customer lifecycle stage and profile, wants, needs and interests. The team generated significant amounts of multi-format content by atomizing, repackaging and repurposing assets.

The Peak:

Within two years of implementing Salesforce and value-based content, Esquire Bank now generates more than 50% of law firm lending clients from digital marketing initiatives. For example:

  • When sales perform their own outreach to prospects (cold call), they get a 1% response rate
  • When marketing passes leads to sales from a single content engagement, it is 8X more effective than a cold call
  • When marketing generates a “contact us” lead via multiple content engagements, it is 46X more effective than a cold call

Esquire has been awarded the prestigious Community Bankers Cup as the No. 1 Top Performing Community Bank two of the past three years by Raymond James & Associates. Esquire’s work has become a top case study for leveraging leveraged Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute omnichannel, ABM campaigns.