Trail: Design Concept/Theme

The Route:

Decent started as a health insurance provider and expanded to take care of broader business problems by launching a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). PEOs handle payroll, compliance, HR and benefit issues for small businesses — not the most exciting things to create a visually grabby offline campaign around. The company wanted to demonstrate how it solved common problems that small businesses face, so it created six “Small Business Monsters,” which included the Paperwork Pest, Red Tape Worm, BOOGYMANager, Nickel & Demon and Time Fritter Critter. The monsters were physically sculpted and turned into animated illustrations with individual biography pages.

The company launched 13 billboards; Instagram, Facebook and Google display network ads; and a series of blog posts to introduce the monsters.

The Peak:

Decent is shooting to drive 17.8 million relevant, distinct impressions in Texas. The company defines relevant, distinct impressions as each time a small business owner or employee sees a unique piece of Small Business Monster content.