Blue Yonder

Trail: Multi-Touch Campaign

The Route:

Blue Yonder ICON is the company’s user conference and the premier event for supply chain and retail professionals. After hosting the event virtually in 2020 and 2021, the company went with a hybrid approach for 2022. To re-engage its customer base and prospects, Blue Yonder launched a multitouch campaign strategy that included direct mail; digital strategies, such as email invitations, blog posts, audience- and behavior-based digital ads, a registration page chat bot, an event app and virtual component; sales strategies that included Salesloft cadences; industry-specific happy hours; exclusive, invite-only events for senior leadership at the event; organic and paid social; media relations; and more.

The Peak:

The 2022 conference featured more than 1,400 people. Eight percent of direct mail recipients registered for the event; the emails featured an open rate of 10.1% and CTR of 21%; the 11 blog posts saw an average 470 page views and bounce rate of 57%.