Arvig + Content4Demand

Trail: Interactive Content

The Route:

In 2022, Arvig expanded its business into 25 data centers in five states — Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa — and grew its fiber network. The company wanted an engaging and memorable way to let its existing wholesale customers and agents know about this expansion, as well as demonstrate just how much Arvig grew. Since Arvig has a strong presence in Minnesota and is well-known throughout the state as an internet and phone provider, the company wanted a content piece that would leverage its local roots, yet also help its existing wholesale customers and agents start to think of Arvig as a regional service provider (and realize just how big the company is and how many data centers it is now).

Content4Demand created an interactive, hockey-themed content piece in Ceros. The hockey theme played on Arvig’s Minnesota roots and used that familiarity to engage people in a fun and relatable way with informative content and strategic interactivity.

The Peak:

This campaign had high engagement levels and helped change perceptions about Arvig. Viewers came to understand just how big Arvig is now with maps and interactivity that showcased its data centers in five states.