2021 Killer Content Awards

Packaged/Bundled Content

The Challenge

When Covid-19 hit, rehab therapists were trying to figure out how to remain viable in the face of uncertainty. WebPT wanted to set them up for success.

The Content

WebPT monitored the news in real time and kept rehab therapists up to date with a variety of free assets. The company ended up creating 58 blog posts, five webinars, six downloaded content assets, bi-weekly Covid-19 impact reports and two executive briefings that brought together medical professionals and executives to discuss the changes in the rehab therapy industry.

The Scoreboard

Since March 2020, WebPT saw the following results:
  • 272,000 blog page views
  • 40,000 webinar registrants, 15,000 attendees and 330 leads, with 7,000 new to the funnel
  • 11,783 content downloads
  • 5,852 leads generated with a 73% quality lead rate
  • 7% increase in lead-to-close rate
  • 81% increase in booking for software demos

Cheat Code

When prospects and customers are faced with uncertainty, it’s important to let them know that your organization is right there with them, sharing the latest news and providing a series of assets. That’s why daily bulletins are posted in Animal Crossing to keep villagers in the loop on upcoming town events.

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