2021 Killer Content Awards

Sales Enablement Content

The Challenge

Vyond was looking for a way to cut through the virtual noise in buyers’ inboxes and engage its target buyers with memorable marketing.

The Content

The company’s marketing and sales teams collaborated to produce animated videos of sales reps introducing themselves and the product, personalizing the experience for each individual buyer. The animations allowed Vyond to create a video template in-house that sales reps could iterate on or update to engage buyers based on their unique needs and interests.

The Scoreboard

  • Increased open and reply rates from outbound sales campaigns
  • A 15% increased play rate
  • An 80% increase in video engagement

Cheat Code

Sales teams can create customizable video templates that can be tailored for individual buyers with specific pain points. Imagine playing No Man’s Sky where the planets are procedurally generated based on the player’s interests in other games.

Deep Dive

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