2021 Killer Content Awards

Video Content

The Challenge

Vodafone GmbH wanted to foster intimate buyer experiences that would increase engagement with key accounts and serve as sharable content for social media campaigns.

The Content

The company launched a series of videos to promote the launch of its “Giga AR” augmented reality app, which is designed to simulate in-person interactions for consumers to engage with. The four videos are available in German and English language, and are used for Vodafone AR landing pages, on YouTube and other social media marketing activities. The videos cover a multitude of topics, including the value of augmented reality, a futuristic look at how AR works and a focused Q&A on the most important questions about Giga AR.

The Scoreboard

  • Increased buyer education
  • Increased social media engagement
  • More than 174,000 views on the first 4 videos

Cheat Code

Leveraging unique video experiences and technology like VR and AR can increase engagement with target buyers and simulate in-person experiences, and it’s important that providers illustrate this value in compelling ways. Pokémon GO, for example, utilizes AR technology to simulate Pokémon catching and battling in the real world, creating a “real-world” experience that engages the player just like Vodafone’s AR cooking experience videos.

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