2021 Killer Content Awards

Audio Content

The Challenge

VMware software powers the world’s complex digital infrastructure. The company was looking for an engaging way to educate audiences around the hottest trends in digital culture and how innovative technologies, such as AI, cloud and 5G, make it all possible.

The Content

VMware developed the Pop Culture Tech podcast with host Blakely Thomas-Aguilar to explore how technology innovation fuels our favorite pop culture trends — and vice versa. Thomas-Aguilar talks to business leaders and digital visionaries to discuss future tech and innovative trends. With a target audience of business leaders, IT decision makers and technology fans, the team utilized VMware customer lists to build lookalike audiences, as well as build custom affinity audiences of people who are searching for topics related to tech innovation. To attract new listeners, the team used a combination of organic amplification across social and owned channels, as well as paid programs and advertising across search, social and YouTube. In addition, the Pop Culture Tech series serves as a top-of-funnel hook to engage users, then retarget visitors and engagers with additional relevant content from RADIUS, VMware’s thought leadership platform.

The Scoreboard

The Pop Culture Tech series published 4 episodes between February 2020 and February 2021, garnering:
  • 38,062,280 impressions
  • 728,701 pageviews
  • 599,279 listens

Cheat Code

Tying your content topics/themes to the latest pop culture and/or news trends makes for unique and timely conversations — and greater engagement from your audience!

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