2021 Killer Content Awards

Audio Content

The Challenge

Selling digital solutions to small and medium-sized businesses is no easy feat, so Vendasta wanted to help by creating a learning and support brand for companies that serve local businesses. Conquer Local was developed to be a community, academy and podcast that helps these companies find the right strategies for success in selling, marketing and delivering digital products to clients.

The Content

The free training ecosystems began with the Conquer Local Podcast, which launched in 2018 with the goal of fast-tracking local experts’ growth and success through learning and strategies from the industry’s top leaders. The interview-style show publishes weekly and features guests with experience in digital products, marketing, business, sales and software. The effects of Covid-19 led Vendasta to expand the podcast into other learning mediums, and work with podcast guests to create additional immersive experiences for partners.

The Scoreboard

The podcast grew from 14,386 listeners to 20,290 in the first four months of 2021, with a goal 50,000 listeners in 2021.

Cheat Code

Podcasts give your audience a chance to consume your content no matter where they are. Each episode provides many opportunities for content repurposing and allows you to expand your relationship with podcast guests beyond just the audio medium.

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