2021 Killer Content Awards

Video Content

The Challenge

Terminus wanted to create an authentic video series that spotlighted the unique experiences of B2B executives. While many videos have high production value, Terminus wanted to develop a series that was scrappier and more “human” than other series for practitioners.

The Content

Terminus created “The Roof” to provide LinkedIn followers with unscripted industry opinions, experiences and hot takes regarding marketing and sales strategies, programs, best practices and research. The company engaged its social media followers in an authentic way, opening the door to personal conversations and paving the way for future account engagement.

The Scoreboard

  • 25,000 total views, with most episodes reaching 600+ views within the first 24 hours of their release
  • A 2,000 increase in LinkedIn followers
  • An increase in video shares from employees, partners and buyers

Cheat Code

Being genuine with buyers and partners allows marketers to build brand credibility and trust. Role playing games like Mass Effect implement a similar system. Players can choose dialogue options with honest opinions that spark interactions with other characters and create positive outcomes in certain situations.

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