2021 Killer Content Awards

Shopify Plus
Interactive Content

The Challenge

Shopify Plus wanted to help retailers adapt and alter their business models to align with shifts in consumer buying behaviors that emerged and accelerated during the pandemic.

The Content

Shopify Plus interviewed more than 25 industry leaders, investors and commerce experts to identify five global trends shaping retail and ecommerce. The in-depth report, titled: “The Future Of Ecommerce in 2021,” provided merchants with an overview of relevant and timely consumer trends, actionable insights and real solutions that they could implement.

The Scoreboard

  • 3.83 million total page views
  • 1.84 million sessions
  • 1.493 million new users
  • 10,000+ report downloads via Drift (ungated content)
  • 5,000 net-new leads generated
  • 114 open opportunities valued at $2.5 million

Cheat Code

While there is a need for experiential, out-of-the-box campaigns, it’s clear that there’s nothing like the classics. Think of it like the Mario Party franchise — new editions are successfully released every few years because everyone loves that little plumber.

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