2021 Killer Content Awards

Short-Form Content

The Challenge

Service Fusion was looking for a way to increase its number of MQLs within its buyer personas and increase conversion rates with short-form content.

The Content

Service Fusion partnered with SmartBug Media to create short-form content offers that improved its ability to target buyers earlier in the decision-making journey. The “7 Ways To Obtain More Online Customer Reviews” checklist played a significant role in the overarching campaign, which included landing pages, a ‘Thank You’ page, promotional emails, blog posts designed to nurture leads and social media campaigns to promote products and services.

The Scoreboard

  • 4,144 sessions derived from the campaign
  • 80 new contacts
  • 28,091 influenced contacts
  • 184 closed deals
  • 274 call-to-action clicks and 417 email clicks
  • 164 landing page submissions
  • 297 new visitor sessions

Cheat Code

Fill your buyer’s journey with a multitude of content offerings and formats. Doing so will provide various avenues for buyers to engage, enter your funnel and become qualified. Lara Croft is known for using a wide array of tools and gadgets to safely navigate ancient tombs, and marketers should too!

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