2021 Killer Content Awards

Nurture Campaign

The Challenge

As cold calling quickly becomes obsolete, the importance of digital nurturing is growing — however, effective nurture campaigns are no simple feat. Selling Simplified Group wanted to empower its audience to improve their approach considering new uncertainties.

The Content

Selling Simplified Group created a step-by-step guide that laid the framework for setting up an effective digital nurture strategy for marketing teams. Throughout the guide, the company tapped into current events and highlighted the importance of digital nurturing by discussing its place in the age of Covid-19.

The Scoreboard

  • 11.6% email open rate in a one-month period
  • 14.1% click-to-open rate
  • 1.6% click-through rate on 89,035 emails delivered

Cheat Code

As old ways of B2B marketing are replaced by more effective, digital solutions, it’s helpful to ensure you’re taking the time to educate prospects and clients about how it all works. It’s why virtually every video game reserves the first few minutes for a quick overview of the story, land and objectives.

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