2021 Killer Content Awards

Buyer-Focused Content

The Challenge

When Covid-19 hit, business was anything but usual — especially for small businesses. In order to support its small business customers, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) wanted to ramp up its business content strategy and content amplification initiatives.

The Content

A cross-functional team including representatives from marketing, PR, field operations and more, developed and refined the buyer-focused content strategy based on new trends and developments. RBC embraced a multitude of formats, including articles, podcasts, videos and interactive tools in order to maximize reach and engagement, and ensure buyers were receiving the most timely and helpful resources. Backed by a combination of organic and paid distribution, RBC was able to quickly double down on their best-performing content.

The Scoreboard

  • 455% year-over-year increase in engaged visitors to Discover & Learn
  • 73% engagement rate (percentage of people who stay for at least 15 seconds)
  • 25,000 podcast downloads for the “Small Business Matters” series
  • 10,000+ downloads of “Small Business, Big Pivot” report

Cheat Code

Marketing teams need to ride the wave of what’s relevant for their target buyers. Like game designers design their creations to encourage binge sessions, develop a steady, ongoing stream of content that can keep them engaged for hours.

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