2021 Killer Content Awards

Account-Based Marketing Campaign

The Challenge

It’s difficult to reach out and engage the C-level executives in charge of buying decisions. They’re often blocked by gatekeepers, drowned in other offers and have a ton of projects on their plate.

The Content

One Inc. sent C-level execs at 200 target accounts a custom-tailored wooden box with the company names laser-engraved on the exterior. Inside each box was a highly personalized video message from One Inc.’s CEO that addressed the professional by name and gave a quick overview of how One Inc. could benefit their business. To access the personalized gift element of the campaign, a card reinforcing the call-to-action with a QR code was placed inside each box, allowing execs to scan and receive their personalized gifts and book follow-up meetings.

The Scoreboard

  • More than 200X ROI generated from outreach to 200 target accounts
  • Additional 11 new opportunities added to the pipeline

Cheat Code

In the world of personalized outreach, there’s no such thing as too much — in fact, the more personalized you can make a campaign, the better. After all, your favorite Animal Crossing villager isn’t going to give you their picture if you give them items they don’t like.

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