2021 Killer Content Awards

Multi-Touch Campaign

The Challenge

LightForce Orthodontics wanted to reach more qualified leads and drive scheduled demos through its website to increase sales and overall usage of its technology.

The Content

The company turned to Helen & Gertrude, a digital marketing agency, to create video ads for Facebook and LinkedIn that featured orthodontists describing the key features of their favorite LightForce technology in a witty and humorous way. Additionally, Helen & Gertrude ran an optimized search campaign to get more impressions and traction to LightForce’s website.

The Scoreboard

  • 224% increase in demo requests
  • 73% increase in people searching LightForce Orthodontics
  • Click-through rate increased 3.55% from the previous search campaign’s performance
  • 10X more demos scheduled from search alone

Cheat Code

Showing, not telling, is an essential part of marketing. In fact, video marketing on average sees higher rates of engagement than traditional written content. To motivate you to rescue Princess Peach, the Mario franchise provides snippets into what the Princess is going through in captivity rather than relying on word-of-mouth accounts from Bowser.

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