2021 Killer Content Awards

Packaged/Bundled Content

The Challenge

Although Genesys had a lot of content focused on helping companies migrate to the cloud, its customers and prospects revealed that they were struggling with the “softer side” of the process. Change management was a big issue for many firms, and it was preventing them from moving their systems to the cloud.

The Content

Genesys collaborated with internal strategic consultants and third-party experts to create a content bundle that featured a quiz, practical guide and webinar on managing and adapting to change. The company created matching frameworks for the quiz and guide. The interactive and ungated quiz led to the practical guide, which provided step-by-step instructions throughout the migration journey.

The Scoreboard

  • A 15,732% ROI on the webinar
  • A 33% increase in engagement for the content bundle

Cheat Code

When a series of interconnected, complementary assets are combined, it creates a comprehensive customer experience and provides users with all the information they need in an easy-to-navigate form. It’s almost like storing Pokémon in your backpack — everything you need for your adventure is right where you need it.

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