2021 Killer Content Awards

Publisher Partnership

The Challenge

2020 was a year of unprecedented change and disruption, but none experienced that more than small businesses. Square wanted to provide education to the small business community while positioning itself as a trusted resource. They sought out to inform business owners, inspire conversation and evoke resilience within the small business community across the U.S.

The Content

Square partnered with Forbes to develop a multi-platform educational experience that included events, videos, thought leadership and more, designed to provide small business leaders with actionable tools and insights to take their businesses forward. Branded content was the heart of the campaign and Square published 20 thought leadership articles and four videos that zeroed in on their brand’s core content pillars. To fuel the conversation, the companies formed a small business advisory team that acted as a think tank of mentors and small business owners. Square and Forbes ideated a 3-part virtual event series, in addition to two roundtable events, that would tackle what’s next with the small business advisory team — from selling and marketing in a contactless digital world to reimagining the foundation of most practices, like the supply chain. The partnership also tapped the advisory board team for a custom video series. By leveraging the team’s unique experiences, Forbes and Square created an educational content series that distilled tips and resources for entrepreneurs to drive their business forward and amplified it across social media.

The Scoreboard

  • 1.2k registrations for the Forbes Small Business Summit
  • 61% of attendees noted an increased awareness of Square
  • One article was featured on Pressboard Media’s Top 10 Sponsored Content Campaigns in November of 2020

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