2021 Killer Content Awards

Short-Form Content

The Challenge

Commsignia wanted to create educational content that showcased how vehicle communication (V2X) worked. It’s an emerging technology that is also an acronym, which can create confusion, so the company wanted to focus on the different components of V2X and the data types they stand for.

The Content

The company created a series of videos less than 60 seconds long that introduced a single V2X message type and broke it down to allow for easy consumption of data points. The videos explained what individual messages mean, as well as best practices for interpreting the data. They even featured an extra fun fact to keep viewers engaged. A new episode was published on social media every Friday for a period of 10 weeks between July and September 2020.

The Scoreboard

  • 5,000 video views
  • 179 video likes
  • More than 1,500 YouTube playlist views

Cheat Code

Short educational video content is a great way to keep buyers and partners informed in an easy-to-digest way. Most video games have some sort of short video or audio log feature that informs the player about a character or situation, and B2B players can do the same with their educational videos.

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