2021 Killer Content Awards

Research-Based Content

The Challenge

Broadridge wanted to share solution adoption trends happening in the AI, cloud and digital technology industry with its clients. But first, the company had to understand the deciding factors a buyer considers when making next-gen technology purchases.

The Content

The “Next-Gen Technology Adoption Survey” featured insights from 1,000 C-suite financial executives around their technology implementation plans, the roles they play in the adoption process and which solutions have been deemed most effective. Through this survey, Broadridge was able to provide more accurate and actionable buyer insights.

The Scoreboard

  • 40,000+ engagements with the featured research studies
  • 31,000+ page visits to the Adoption Survey landing page
  • 25,000+ campaign landing page visits in 3 weeks
  • Press release coverage in 12 publications

Cheat Code

Buyer insights are key to developing more relevant and compelling campaigns that drive business results. Just like a general in Total War, marketers need battlefield insights that will help them navigate individual buyer’s journeys and direct their teammates for glorious victory.

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