2021 Killer Content Awards

Design Concept & Theme

The Challenge

During the peak of the pandemic, in-person events were canceled, and many people were craving connection. Bottomline wanted to create a virtual experience aligned with the Association of Financial Professions’ (AFP) virtual event that not only engaged key customers and prospects but also humanized the brand.

The Content

“Bottomline’s Big Night In,” was a family-friendly virtual comedy hour developed in partnership with The Second City. The event replaced the typical private dinner Bottomline would hold during AFP and included the following components:
  • A SnapApp form to gather attendee information
  • A direct mail giveaway that included a Grubhub gift card, popcorn, candy, metal straws and glow sticks
  • A 45-minute “show” that included finance-themed skits
The social component of the campaign encouraged attendees to share photos of the event with the hashtag #BTCares. If Bottomline reached 100 social posts with the hashtag, they pledged to donate $10,000 to Global Giving, an organization on the front lines of the pandemic.

The Scoreboard

  • 61 out of 80 Tier-1 financial institutions joined the live event (with their families)
  • 136 toolkits were shipped to audience members
  • 104 customer attendees joined live
  • 750+ #BTCares interactions
  • 50 social pictures shared
  • $10,000 donated to GlobalGiving

Cheat Code

Even the biggest videogame fans crave realism. It’s why The Sims is so popular! When exploring campaign themes, think of ways you can make your brand more “real” and “human” for target audiences.

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