2021 Killer Content Awards

Buyer-Focused Content

The Challenge

For many companies, typical accounting processes involve a lot of manual effort, meetings and collaboration in spreadsheets. BlackLine wanted to help its target audience adapt their processes and keep business moving during the pandemic.

The Content

The company launched “Building Confidence in Uncertain Times,” a campaign developed to help accounting teams close their books when working remotely. The campaign hub provided a centralized view of new content, which included playbooks, blog posts, market surveys, infographics and more. BlackLine worked closely with strategic alliance partners to also create white papers, webinars and expert Q&As. The entire company rallied around this new mission: The Customer Success team hosted weekly “coffee talks” open to all customers to build a dialogue around best practices and have everyone share their challenges and ideas. The campaign theme was also central to BeyondTheBlack, the company’s annual conference, which went virtual.

The Scoreboard

  • 30 new assets created (mostly ungated)
  • 961 new content form fills
  • 15,590 page views
  • 3:34 average time on site
  • 4,524 webinar registrants (53% attendance rate)
  • 17,892 virtual event registrants and 10,818 live attendees

Cheat Code

In order to maximize the reach and recall of a theme, make sure it’s shared everywhere. Like any good videogame launch, a campaign needs to be visible across channels and shared by different teams and influencers.

Deep Dive

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