2021 Killer Content Awards

Multi-Touch Campaign

The Challenge

With a smaller physical retail presence in Austin, Texas than its competitors, Benjamin Moore wanted to get its products and brands in front of more contractors, a critical buying group for the business.

The Content

Benjamin Moore partnered with ride-sharing company DELIV to deliver paint and sundries directly to contractors’ homes or job sites with no delivery fee. The campaign — which allowed contractors to sign up for deliveries online or over the phone — leveraged programmatic advertising with a heavy mobile focus, mobile device ID targeting and micro-proximity targeting to blanket the competitions’ physical locations. It featured custom landing pages, along with in-store and field marketing assets to promote the new service at the retail level.

The Scoreboard

  • 1,000 examples of new foot traffic into 3 separate retail locations in the Austin, Texas area
  • Approximately 149 new contractors utilized the delivery service
  • A 3X engagement rate compared to industry benchmarks

Cheat Code

Prospects won’t always show up at your door. You must find compelling ways to grab their attention and drive action. After all, when you’re playing Grand Theft Auto, you don’t wait around for a bank to tell you they’d like to be robbed — you start the heist yourself.

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