2021 Killer Content Awards

Influencer Campaign

The Challenge

ActiveCampaign wanted to create a campaign that bought happiness and cheer to the holiday season during an incredibly uncertain year. While entertaining and engaging audiences were key, the company also wanted to build connections with prospects and provide helpful insights that built credibility.

The Content

Tapping top marketing influencers, ActiveCampaign created and curated a set of recipe cards that represented different courses of a meal. This festive feast, of course, was mapped to the customer journey and marketing funnel. Recipe cards were “served with” in-house automation recipes. To wrap it up, ActiveCampaign hosted a yule-log fireside chat with Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a beloved figure in the B2B world.

The Scoreboard

  • 40+ top B2B marketing influencers used
  • 4,000 MQLs driven over a six-week period
  • 40,000+ organic video views
  • 218,000 views across social media

Cheat Code

Marketing campaigns shouldn’t just focus on technical capabilities or value props. Leaning into seasonal holidays or timely trends can help humanize your brand and build trust. It’s comparable to giving Pokémon the berries they like to foster your relationship with.

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