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Navigating Through The 5 Marketing Measurement Roadblocks

According to Demand Gen Report’s annual Marketing Measurement and Attribution Benchmark Survey report, 87% of marketers say marketing measurement and reporting is a growing priority for their organization. This comes as no surprise, as more than half (58%) of respondents said that their current ability to measure and analyze marketing performance “needs improvement” or worse.

Marketers know they need to measure their impact, so what’s stopping them from reaching their destination? Below are five roadblocks stopping marketers in their tracks.


…of marketers are unable to measure and track activity between specific buyer stages.
When buyers move from Point A to B without a trace, marketers don’t have any way of knowing what drove them to the next step.


…are unable to measure impact across channels & campaigns.
Buyers are constantly switching lanes, from channel to channel, when researching purchase decisions, leaving marketers lost in the dust.


…are unable to measure impact across channels & campaigns.
Limitations in budgets and staff bandwidth often make marketing measurement take the back seat to other elements of a campaign.


…of B2B companies have messy data.
Accurate marketing measurement requires having accurate data to refer to, making the task almost impossible with an inaccurate and messy database.


…of marketers lack reporting processes.
Without a solid foundation for tracking and reporting results, marketers can’t measure the impact of their efforts.
Want to learn how marketing practitioners are getting behind the wheel to overcome their measurement roadblocks?
Download the 2018 Marketing Measurement and Attribution Benchmark Survey Report to learn how others are mapping out their plans to improve their marketing measurement strategies.

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