B2B Technologists

Senior Director, Growth Marketing, Operations and Strategy

Matt Mullin is a Marketing Operations professional who created a holistic, buyer-focused journey at his organization. He’s an expert at implementing buyer-driven, omnichannel and precision demand marketing (PDM) strategies by ensuring that Tenable’s martech stack fits together, all the data sources connect and have a closed-loop reporting system that informs measurement across channels.

By taking a PDM approach, Mullin’s team at Tenable has saved $400k in protected media savings. They’ve seen great benefits from making the shift to a more multichannel focus — generating leads through digital, launching programs and campaigns that scale and are supported cross-functionally, leading to an influx of measurable opportunities. His mantra is to “get clean and stay clean” as it relates to data, and he’s navigated running a tech stack in a hyper-growth company seamlessly.