Buyer-Focused Marketers

Global Vice President of Growth Marketing

Leslie Alore brought a buyer-focused, precision demand marketing approach to Ivanti to provide a personalized experience for the company’s buyers. Alore and her team focused on building marketing experiences for the people who engaged through the buying process within those accounts. While the process Alore implemented wasn’t new, the execution was novel: Her marketing team operates in a state of constant experimentation, monitoring and optimizing, testing watering holes, content formats and creative treatments. Additionally, Alore and her team work in lock-step with their BDR and sales counterparts to ensure buyers’ experiences feel personalized throughout the entire process.

Through Alore’s efforts, Ivanti has completely aligned its go-to-market across sales and marketing based on the idea that its customers should experience “one” Ivanti. Specifically, Alore helped the company earn:

  • Measurable, sustained monthly engagement with people representing 85% of its target accounts;
  • Engagement with more than 2,000 accounts, which had previously been inactive; and
  • A 12% click-through rate on its personalized ads.