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When we built out our personal and professional 2020 resolutions, we had no idea what was about to come. The COVID-19 outbreak turned our lives upside down, creating new challenges for us to overcome. For this year’s edition of our annual B2B Marketing Resolutions piece, we asked some of our friends in the B2B community to share what they learned throughout this dumpster fire year, as well as how they’re going to implement those learnings in 2021.

Sangram Vajre


Sangram's Resolutions:

Michael Brenner

Marketing Insider Group

Empathy and compassion for others – in marketing and in life – really is the only winning strategy.

Kellie de Leon

The Mx Group

Kellie's Resolutions:

Tamsen Webster

Find The Red Thread

When you stick with what’s strong, you’re really building on all that equity, strength and goodwill that’s already there.

Brandi Starr


Brandi's Resolutions:

Elle Woulfe


The world is a little bit more resilient than I thought it was.

Randy Frisch


Randy's Resolutions:

Katie Martell


We’ve got to be the ones to create the energy and momentum around the projects and the things that we believe in.

Leela Srinivasan


Leela's Resolutions:

Todd Henry

Accidental Creative

Learn from the bad and don’t be afraid to embrace the good.

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