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Lisa Sharapata



VP of Marketing, Brand & Demand, MindTickle

Lisa Sharapata, MindTickle’s VP of Marketing, Brand & Demand, has led the charge in creating a scalable, stage-based, account-based experience (ABX) and operating model from the ground up. She is relentlessly focused on creating great experiences, not only for prospects and customers but for the Agile team she leads. Sharapata is a talent magnet and has hired some highly credible industry experts – much of which is due to her passion and enthusiasm for creating innovative and effective marketing programs at scale. She also puts the time and effort into growing more junior people on the team and is a trusted voice at the leadership level, as well.

Since starting this stage-based ABX initiative at Mindtickle, Sharapata has:

  • Increased pipeline 30% MoM, with a 93% YoY increase in ARR;
  • Improved conversion rates from awareness to pipeline 6X;
  • Grew share of voice (SOV) 50% over top competitors, defining emerging category of “readiness;” and
  • Realized a 5X increase in ACV and 30% increase in expansions.


Sharapata is also a Co-Host and leader in the PEAK Community, where she co-created the Emerging CMO circle, a place where the best marketers support each other in becoming 1% better each week. She is a B2B growth leader. She has taken fragmented, junior teams running traditional marketing with minimal processes in place and transformed them to highly productive, leading edge marketing teams in multiple companies. Her proactive, innovative and solutions-driven mindset makes her a vanguard. Her commitment to making those around her successful makes her the type of leader every organization needs on their team.

Sharapata is an active member of Women of Mindtickle (WOM), which strives to advance the professional growth of Mindtickle employees through programs, community and events. She’s also a member of Women in Revenue, empowering and educating current and future women leaders in revenue. And she’s a volunteer and donor at A Safe Place, the leading advocate for eliminating domestic violence and human trafficking in northern Illinois.

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