Sales Drivers

Julie Brewer


SVP of Demand Generation, Bottomline Technologies

Julie Brewer successfully disrupted the company’s marketing to sales process with an innovative, tightly aligned qualification engine to super-charge its revenue operations. By aligning marketing and sales efforts into area of interest-based cross-channel programs, the company was able to feed content and engagement insights into its revenue engine more consistently for an 87% increase in sales accepted marketing opportunity value.

The robust qualification process requires SDRs to contribute highly detailed notes on the buyer, their areas of interests and status in the buying cycle when passing the lead to a sales rep, resulting in a “best-in-class” 75% rolling marketing qualified lead (MQL) to sales accepted opportunity rate. Brewer also helped foster a buyer-led approach to qualifying leads, generating buyer conversations and revenue based on buyer data and interactions to help the company more rapidly deconstruct customer journeys through automation. Through these combined efforts the team is generating between 40% to 80% in Bottomline’s direct pipeline dollars for new business. The company has also increased the number of MQLs contributed by 47% since 2020.

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