Account Targeters & Strategists

Jennifer Leaver


Sr. Global ABM Manager, Bazaarvoice

Jennifer Leaver played a pivotal role in the creation of a unified ABM playbook to help Bazaarvoice’s marketing and sales teams become more aligned in their ABM initiatives. This enabled marketing and sales to unify their go-to-market strategy and deliver targeted messaging and content to its key accounts.

The playbook used insights gathered from select customer success and sales groups to inform the company’s ABM strategy, providing guidance on 1:many stage-based campaigns, 1:few campaigns for SMBs and 1:1 interactions for its top five enterprise accounts. Leaver also helped build out a new reporting network that would allow teams to measure the impact their ABM programs have on pipeline, win rates and deal velocity with target accounts.

This allows the company to bridge the siloes between marketing and sales, while improving their ability to gather and leverage engagement data for future ABM campaigns. As a result of the playbook, Bazaarvoice saw a 6X increase in enterprise pipeline and 4X increase in revenue, along with an additional 58% growth in the number of SMB opportunities.

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