Diversity & Inclusion Champions

Hana Jacover


Director of Demand Generation, MadKudu

In everything that Hana Jacover does, she thinks about Black liberation. How can we find intersectionality to amplify Black voices and create more equity? How can we encourage accountability within our small B2B world? There is always a way to incorporate this, and Jacover will bring this perspective and figure out how – whether it’s subtle or loud and clear. She is an active member of many organizations where diversity is at the forefront, including being a founding member of Demand Gen Report’s Demanding Diversity Council. Jacover is also an active member, committee member and 2022 board member for Women In Revenue, where she facilitated a number of events centered around diversity. She is also a marketing committee member for Black Marketers Association of America.

Jacover clearly recognizes that her experiences as a bi-racial Black woman have meaning beyond herself and that her voice has the power and potential to change the trajectory for even just one Black person that comes after her. Her impact in this area can be measured by many positive outcomes, whether that be from providing education and perspective at the executive level through candid conversations, helping to determine key KPIs and objectives for organizations to improve diversity and equity or mentoring young Black professionals and professionals of color to ensure they are seen, heard and equipped with the tools and confidence to let their magic and true selves shine.

Jacover has spent the majority of her career in the fast-paced, best-practice obsessed, demand gen agency world building best-in-class demand gen engines for B2B tech companies. She has developed a foundational, scalable, part-art-part-science approach to demand generation planning and execution, leveraging the reverse waterfall methodology. In using this process, she has been able to use data combined with creativity to bring forth solutions and strategies that yield full-funnel conversions and revenue attribution.

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