Account Targeters & Strategists

Doug Houvener


Director of RevOps, WebPT

Doug Houvener uncovered an opportunity to leverage targeted email personalization in WebPT’s customer outreach and deliver the relevant content its buyers were seeking. He helped the company transform its ABM strategy with highly customized, sender-based campaigns.

Houvener adopted new martech tools and data sources to create personalized email experiences for WebPT’s key accounts, sending email signature banners that display relevant content based on who is sending the email. These campaigns were powered by buyer intent and interaction data, building targeted lists to engage prospects with content relevant to their levels of buying interest. For more personalized engagement, Houvener implemented a highly customized gifting program that capitalized on buyers showing a positive response to the email campaign.

This has allowed enterprise marketing and sales teams to improve their first-party engagement with a comprehensive personalization and data strategy. These also implemented Houvener’s ABM strategy to develop new solutions and partnerships for large-scale deals.

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