Data Scientists & Operations Optimizers

Brooke Bartos


Director of Marketing Operations & Analytics, InvoiceCloud

Brooke Bartos implemented new processes for optimizing the company’s marketing and sales technology stacks and integrations.

She developed a roadmap to take advantage of new opportunities for internal and external customer experiences, created checklists and resources to ensure the tech stacks were measuring campaigns accurately and efficiently and implemented new spreadsheets for urchin tracking module (UTM) parameters and account data for more comprehensive attribution. To manage all this customer data, Bartos integrated Drift Email and ZoomInfo to help InvoiceCloud manage its contact information and help its teams segment account data at the granular level.

With these additions, InvoiceCloud was able to reduce its sync errors between tech stacks by 95%, improve pipeline and revenue generation and maximize marketing spend by vertical and persona. Bartos also serves as a martech consultant to speak with other companies experiencing similar data issues.

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