Sales Drivers

Annika Helmrich


Sr. Director of Field Marketing, E2 Open

Annika Helmrich is responsible for building and rolling out the E2open’s ABM framework, and helped establish a centralized, precision-based marketing channel to accelerate its sales deals. With her guidance, the company created personalized content hubs for its buyers, syncing all the sales and marketing content within its platform to provide downloadable templates that accelerate $1 million deals on average.

The content hubs are designed to help E2open’s sales team personalize the buying experience for its individual clients, providing buyers with the right content at the right time in the buying journey that could easily be shared with unlimited stakeholders. To determine which content would display for each client, Helmrich’s field marketing team partnered with sales and leveraged first-party engagement data, as well as Demandbase’s intent-based keywords to identify a buyer’s areas of interest and plans to build intent-driven campaigns that link the client back to relevant content to accelerate their buyer journey.

From these new contacts, E2open created over 100 opportunity-driven content hubs that uncovered new buyers to add to its CRM, 50% of which were newly discovered contacts that engaged with the content. The actual content hubs have allowed E2open to engage unknown buyers within account buying committees for more precise, targeted marketing.

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