New research from publisher Aggregage showed most marketing budgets wouldn’t be too drastically impacted by pivot strategies. Specifically, 72% of marketers projected overall 2020 B2B marketing budgets would increase, stay the same or only be cut moderately (by less than 20%).


While social media always has been a top channel for sales reps to engage with prospects and customers, the “new reality” shifted marketing strategies, requiring reps to rethink traditional tactics to cater to the needs and pain points of modern buyers.


With businesses pivoting marketing strategies and canceling events, maintaining an ABM strategy in the B2B market became increasingly more challenging. Despite the unknowns, keeping the engagement engine running with ABM was still a viable opportunity for businesses looking to build momentum during a difficult time.


The COVID-19 crisis forced many companies to pivot strategies, reallocate budgets and adapt to a virtual-only environment. During this challenging time, many solution providers shifted their standard sales messaging to be more community- and customer-focused and offered ways to help companies cope with new realities.


In a union that paired one of the largest B2B media brands around the world with one of the fastest-growing providers of ABM and B2B martech solutions, IDG acquired Triblio.


The 2020 Demand Generation Benchmark Study found a growing emphasis on improving conversion rates and moving the needle away from leads to revenue-focused metrics.


It was expected when the 2020 B2B Buyer Behavior Study found that 47% of buyers indicated they had been forced to put off purchases due to budget freezes. But an even more interesting takeaway from the survey was that more than half of the respondents said that COVID-19 had not disrupted purchase plans.


During a time of “social distancing,” where in-person engagement and education was being replaced with digital alternatives, content became an even more critical tool for B2B buyers to research new areas and find solutions to business challenges.


With conferences and trade shows announcing cancellations and postponements due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, field marketers and demand gen teams scrambled to fill pipeline quotas and reallocate marketing budget.


The 2020 Killer Content Awards honored the brands embracing new formats, storytelling methods and creative themes to break through the noise.


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